A church for all nations

Ben Sholademi


I made a decision to become a Christian and serve Jesus before my first year in university and I have been involved with many aspects of the church ever since. In 2005 I moved to the West Midlands, UK from Nigeria to further my education and career. After my MSc award I relocated to Sheffield in 2008, in order to take up a new employment and God led my family to start attending Rock Christian Centre. I have been involved with the children’s ministry team as well as the growth group meetings, and I have absolutely enjoyed the wonderful experience and journey since joining the Rock.

I decided to pursue a doctoral degree, which turned out to be a very challenging part of my life. But by the power of God, through prayers, support and encouragement from my family and the brethren from church my hands were strengthened to continue and complete the programme. Towards the end of my doctoral studies I began to serve on the Leadership Support Team of the church and finally gave in to the Holy Spirit’s nudging after a long period of resisting the call, to serve as an elder in RCC. It has been a marvellous privilege to be involved in serving; especially at such a time we are witnessing significant growth in membership.

I am married to my sweetheart Omolola, who is a social worker. She is blessed with a beautiful ministry – reaching out to relationships (the married as well as the unmarried). We are blessed with four adorable children, who love Jesus. My hobbies include: teaching, poetry, singing, photography and DIY.