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Dealing with the storms of life

Dealing with the storms of life

Acts 27

7 tips on dealing with the storms of life:

  1. Ditch the things that are holding you down (vs 18-19) – Sometimes we need to lighten the load. Get rid of sinful patterns.
  2. Don’t despair when there seems to be no way forward (vs 20-22) – Keep up your courage. Put your hope in Jesus. With Jesus there is always a way forward.
  3. Deal with the things which are of greatest importance (vs 23-26)
    1. Deepen your relationship with Jesus, Paul’s priority was to trust Jesus.
    2. Depend on God’s promises of protection.
    3. Discern the way forward.
  4. Determine which relationships are important and strategic in the storm – Who are the most importalife?7
  5. Decide to maintain a healthy pattern of life (vs 33-34)
  6. Declare the goodness and greatness of in the midst of the storm (vs 35-41) – There is power in praise. There is power in praising God in any situation.
  7. Depend upon Jesus for total deliverance – “It IS finished” – Jesus HAS delivered us.

Remember that Jesus is in the boat with you.