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Going for Glory: Humbly serve one another

Going for Glory: Humbly serve one another

1 Peter 5:1-7

The Bible is very practical. It tells us about history, about Jesus and it contains a lot of theology. It also tells us how to live our lives and how to do church – how to relate to one another.
1 Peter 5:1-7 can be summed up in two phrases –  Humbly serve God. Humbly serve one another.
We all struggle with our attitudes. God demands high standards from His children. He expects radically different relationships amongst His children.

1. Elders – humbly serve (vs 1-4). Do you pray for the elders in the church? Elders must have the right attitudes. They must have a desire to serve. They are not to misuse their position.

2. Peter – humbly served (vs 1). Peter could have abused his power, but he did not even call himself an apostle. He reminds his readers of his failures. He was witness to Jesus suffering. He denied being with Jesus. There are no ‘super saints’, no-one more important than anyone else in God’s kingdom. Go for heavenly reward rather than earthly.

3. Everyone – humbly serve (vs 5-6). All of you clothe yourself with humility towards one another. Radically different to the way of the world. John 13 – Jesus washed His disciples feet (John 13:14,17) as an example of this. Are we prepared to be like Jesus? It is powerful when we serve others. Peter says if you are wearing anything other than a servants apron God is against you, but He gives grace to the humble. God wants us to stop being proud and arrogant. He will humble us if we are not humble!

4. Cast all your anxiety on Him (vs 7). Throw your cares upon the Lord and don’t ‘fish’ for them back again!! Have faith that God cares for you. Peter specifically says ‘all’ your anxieties on Him. God can free us from the tyranny of anxiety and stress.