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Going for Glory – Positive Christian living (1Peter 4:7-11)

Going for Glory – Positive Christian living

1 Peter 4:7-11

How should we live as Christian’s?

Jesus could come back at any time. This should spur us on and motivate us to live out our lives in a positive way. We are in the final furlongs.

To live positive Christian lives we should:

  1. Be alert (vs 7) – don’t be a sleepy Christian. Keep your mind renewed (Roman’s 12:2).
  2. Be sober (vs 7) – be self controlled.
  3. Pray (vs 7) – pray more effectively, more fervently (Psalm 37:5).
  4. Love deeply (vs 8) – deep love is the opposite to superficial love. Deep meaningful, expressive love for one another. Love each other is a command of Scripture. Agape – self sacrificial love.
  5. Offer hospitality (vs 9) – Hospitality without grumbling. How open is your home? Matthew 25:25.
  6. Use your gifts (vs 10) – Everyone has at least one spiritual gift. Are you using your gifts. Seek God for your gifts. Discover what they are and use them.
  7. Speak the Word of God (vs 11) – Dont just offer your own words or advice. Speak the words of God into the lives of others.
  8. Serve others (vs 10,11) – It’s not about us, but about serving others. Don’t do it in your own strength or for your own benefit. Do it all in God’s strength so Go is glorified.