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Lessons from a persecuted church

Lessons from a persecuted church

Philippians 1:3-18

Prayer is the lifeblood of mission. Paul prayer is not for himself, but for the church. He is praying from prison for people living in freedom. He says that the least they can do is live for Jesus.

There is power in prayer. God desires to hear from us. Prayer is a conversation with our Father. “Our prayers go where we cannot. There is no prison wall too thick” – Brother Andrew.

Paul prays here with joy. He is joyous even in prison. Paul is so sure about God’s ability to continue the work He has begun (vs 6).

Will we remember the cross and put it central in our lives? We are called to be the people of the cross.

Paul’s encouragement to the people he is writing to is that he may be in chains, but he is in chains for the gospel. The whole palace guard is aware he is in chains for Christ. We need to have boldness for Christ wherever we find ourselves. We need to share Jesus no matter the cost.