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Living as masterpieces

Living as masterpieces

Ephesians 2:1-10

  1. We are made alive in Christ (vs 1-6). We used to live in sin. We were missing the mark and going in our own direction. We were living with no sense of purpose. We were dead men/women walking. God has a broken heart for us until we come into a relationship with Him. It is by grace we are saved. We are raised up with Christ and brought into a relationship with God. We gain purpose as we surrender and head in God’s direction.
  2. We are created in Christ Jesus as living masterpieces (vs 7-10). We have a purpose. When something is attributed to the master it is priceless. We are a masterpiece created by Christ Jesus and made in the image of God. God does not make junk! God has a plan for His masterpieces. We need to discover what the good works are that God planned in advance for us. Our whole lives are turned around when we come into relationship with God. We are meant to shine as children of God.


  1. Do you know you are a masterpiece?
  2. Will you discover and live out your purpose?