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Loving the Lord during Lockdown 3! – The Lord my Light

Loving the Lord during Lockdown 3! – The Lord my Light

Psalm 27

Jesus calls us to be a lighthouse and to let our light shine out into the world. We cannot be a lighthouse unless Jesus is our light. The Lord is the author of light. His first words were “Let there be light” (Genesis 1:3). Light and darkness are incompatible. Light expels darkness and not the other way around. If we are not in the light then we are in darkness. Darkness is always negative in Scripture. God is light. In Him there is no darkness. There is no negative side to God.

David uses the theme of the Lord as his light to lift himself out of his problems. He says……..

  1. Light dispels darkness. Darkness has to flee from light. As God shines His light into our lives the darkness is exposed and transformed by His light. The darkness is dispelled. Light has come into the world. We need to invite the light into our lives and live in it (John 3:19-21). Are you walking in the light (John 8:12; 1 John 1:5-7)? Will you allow the light of Christ to dispel the darkness in your own lives so you can shine as a lighthouse to others?
  2. Light dispels fear. Nothing is hidden in the light. In God’s light we see things from His perspective (Psalm 119:150; Isaiah 2:5; Psalm 27:1). Is your life dominated by fear? Do you have the Lord as your light? Does the Lord as your light help you to make sense of injustice , suffering, pain, problems and tragedy in your life? We need the Lord to be ‘my light’; for Jesus to shine His light into our lives.
  3. Light defeats my enemies. David’s enemies are real in Psalm 27. He should have been full of fear. He should have been deeply depressed and overwhelmed with panic. But he is not. He is confident in the Lord and looks forward to seeing the goodness of the Lord and victory. His confidence is in the Lord as his light. He is waiting for the Lord to sort it out. Will you allow Jesus, the light of the world, into every area of your life?