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Pentecost Sunday 2021

Pentecost Sunday 2021

Acts 2

When Jesus rose from the dead He told His disciples to wait in Jerusalem. He promised they would receive the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:4-5,8). Starting the church was not their job. Their job was to wait for the Holy Spirit. It was the Holy Spirit who started the church at Pentecost. God intends everything in the church to be initiated and empowered by the Holy Spirit. When our lives  are initiated and empowered by the Holy Spirit we will be dynamic, radical and relevant to a lost and dying world. We need to be filled with the Holy Spirit and our lives need to be empowered by Him.

God expects extraordinary things to be happening in a Spirit filled church and in the lives of ordinary Spirit filled Christians. At Pentecost we see:

  1. The extraordinary descent of he Holy  Spirit (vs 2-3) – The origin of the sound and violent wind was from heaven. The Holy Spirit descended from heaven. This was not an earthly power. God is the same today as He was then. We can experience the same extraordinary descent of the Holy Spirit into our lives and into our church today. We still live in the Pentecostal age. God has not removed His Spirit from His people. We all need the descent of the Holy Spirit into our lives.
  2. The extraordinary empowering of the Holy Spirit (vs 4-13) – God is still the same God today. He still empowers His people. If we are filled with the Holy Spirit God will empower us with the gifts we need to do the work that He has called us to do.
  3. The extraordinary boldness, evangelism and preaching (vs 14-36) – The Holy Spirit transformed Peter and gave him the boldness to preach the Gospel. We need that same Holy Spirit boldness today. The world needs the dynamic word of God today.
  4. The extraordinary conviction of sin and repentance (vs 37-40) – The people were ‘cut to the heart’ and called out, “What must we do to be saved?” Peter told them they needed to repent and be baptised. People need to repent today. They need to be convicted of their sin . Only the Holy Spirit can bring this conviction about.
  5. The extraordinary devotion to God’s Word, worship, prayer and fellowship (vs 42) – The Holy Spirit brings a deep hunger to understand God’s Word, a passion for worship and prayer and the remembering of Jesus through Communion. They were stirred up to have a deep love for one another. This was a response to what the Holy Spirit was doing in there lives.
  6. The extraordinary miracles (vs 43 ) – When the Holy Spirit is poured out we become aware of the awesome power of God. God intends the church to be an awesome place to be.Church should be dynamic and unpredictable. We need the Holy Spirit to break out in power amongst us.
  7. The extraordinary community (vs 44-47) – They shared their whole lives with one another. There was a deep unity amongst them. This is how the church should be.
  8. Extraordinary numbers were saved (vs 41) – 3,000 were added to there number that day and continued to add to there numbers daily. God is the same God today. The Holy Spirit is the same Holy Spirit today. We want to see people being saved today.