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Psalm 147

Psalm 147

Psalm 147 is a psalm of praise born out of the experience of pain and suffering. Pain and suffering create scars, both physically and emotionally. To overcome the pain we need to:

A) Acknowledge the pain. God heals the broken-hearted. He wants to heal our broken heart, but we need to acknowledge our brokenness.

B) Become dependant. We need to trust God again. We need to trust Him and not trust in the strength of the “horse and the warrior” (vs 10). We need to trust in His unfailing love. God is still with us in our darkest moments.

C) Chose to praise again. God’s understanding is greater than ours. We need to recognise who God is and say, “He is still God”. God’s power and might know no limit (vs 16-18). God is committed to His unfailing love for us.