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Returning to the Lord

Returning to the Lord

Hosea 14:1-9

Does the grace of God surprise you? If so, why?

The book of Hosea tells us that God was going to do something to save and redeem His people (ch 3). God is depicted as a loving father and Israel is depicted as a wayward son (ch 11), but God says of Israel, “How can I give you up?” (Hosea 11:8). In chapter 14 God calls Israel to turn back to Him and He promises to heal their waywardness.

Returning to the Lord involves:

  1. Confession and repentance (vs 1-3) – Our sins bring us down (vs 1). We need to confess our sins by ‘bringing our words’ to Him in confession (vs 2). We need to speak to God and express our repentance.
  2. Healing (vs 4-7) – God promises to heal our waywardness. Healing is part of God’s unconditional love for us. God says He will heal us, not that He could or He will try, but that He will heal our waywardness.
  3. Growth (vs 8-9) – Growth starts and stems from God (vs 4-5). It is God who initiates the process of growth.