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Standing on the promises of God

We live in an incredible time. The world is changing so quickly. Are you standing on God’s promises.

What guarantees do we have in life? Some guarantees are useless. The only guarantee we have in life is life is constantly changing. We need to stand on the promises of God. We can be secure when we stand on the promises of God. What does God say about our situation?

  1. Where are you standing? – Are you standing for God or the enemy. There is no middle ground.
  2. What is your standing? – What do you stand for? Do you stand for righteousness, justice, compassion, etc? We will have to give an account of our lives and what we have stood for.
  3. What position are you standing in? – There are different stances to stand in. Do you need to change your stance in order to be used by God?

There is so much more we need to know about Jesus. It is not about where we are now, but about where we are going. God’s word does not change. His word is solid. The world may change around us, but we can stand firm on God’s word and His promises. What are you building your life upon?