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Stirred to Serve

Stirred to Serve

Exodus 35:20 – 22- 36:7 (ESV)

Jon began by reminding us of his sermon at the beginning of 2019 on Haggia (found here).
We need God to stir up our hearts.

Stirring – for the Presence of God
The tabernacle was the centre of the camp. It was God’s presence with the people. The construction of the tabernacle represents God’s willingness to be the heart of the community. The church building is just a building. It is only filled with the presence of God when we are worshipping there.

Stirring – the hearts of His children
God stirred the hearts of His people to do the work of building the tabernacle. How much are you stirred to serve God? Are you passionate about God? We need to be set on fire for Jesus.

Stirring – for Giving
The people were stirred to give. God was the source of their wealth. They gave out of what God had already given to them. Everything we own comes from God. Is God stirring your heart to give back to Him what He has already given you?  God is not a meagre God. He always provides enough for what is needed. His resources are limitless.

Stirring – of Abilities
Has God given you gifts and abilities to use in the work of His kingdom.