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Testimonies and Easter Epilogue

Testimonies and Easter Epilogue

Winifred gave a¬†testimony of God’s provision and health protection.

Sandra gave a testimony of receiving a prophecy that God would be with her. She developed pleurisy and was told that she had a shadow on her lung. She experienced a supernatural peace whilst awaiting tests and results. She testified that God had answered prayers prayed for her.

Jan gave a testimony of how he became a Christian.

Petros testified to God being faithful over the last year. He shared how God had protected his family from Covid and how God had provided for them. He also shared how his Growth Group had been meeting on Zoom and testified that God had answered prayer for healing for his mother.

Tricia shared how Foodbank has changed over the last year. There has been a large increase in referrals. God has been faithful in the supply of volunteers, donations of food and money. Tricia also testified to answered prayer for healing for her son, Tom.

An Easter Epilogue (Jon Watts)

The story of Easter is not only historical fact. Neither is it just of theological significance. The story of Easter needs to be personally experienced. Jesus’ disciples knew the facts of what had happened and they knew some of the theology, but it was the personal experience of the risen Jesus that changed their lives. This Easter Jesus invites you to experience the reality of His resurrection for yourself. He invites you to, “Touch me and see”. How will you respond to Jesus’ invitation?