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The Heart of Worship

The Heart of Worship

John 4:23; Psalms 100 – 106

What have you done over the last year of lockdown? How have you worshipped God? God is to be worshipped. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is due worship. How did you feel when you could not go to church to worship? Worship is a lifestyle and not just for Sunday in church.

In the 1990’s a church reached the conclusion that their congregation was struggling to find the meaning of worship and so they decided to get rid of their PA system and their worship team. They went back to ‘true worship’. This was Mike Pilavachi and Matt Redman’s church. During this time Matt Redman went through a process of discovering what true intimacy with God and worship was all about and wrote the song “I’m going back to the heart of worship” and his “Facedown” album.

How have you been worshipping in lockdown? The best time to worship is in difficult time.

Praise and worship…….

  1. …….invites the presence of God – 2 Chronicles 5:13-14.
  2. …….brings victory – 2 Chronicles 20:15-18, 21-22.
  3. …….brings deliverance from our enemies – Psalm 18:3.
  4. …….satisfies our soul – Psalm 63:1-5.
  5. …….repels depression – Isaiah 63:3
  6. …….brings liberty and breaks chains – Acts 16:16-40.
  7. …….brings joy – Psalm 100; Psalm 16:11.
  8. …….strengthens our faith – Romans 4:20.
  9. …….brings us closer to God – James 4:8.