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The house on the Rock

The house on the Rock

Matthew 24:24-29

The words we hear can lead us to important decisions and big changes in our lives. It is not just hearing but acting upon the Word. We need to both hear and act on the Word (James 1:22).

There are two types of builders in this story in Matthew. Both had a plan. Both wanted to build a house. They both wanted a life of significance, but they both pursued things differently. What kind of foundations are you building on? No house will stand unless it has a strong foundation. We need a very strong foundation in our Christian walk with God. God has laid a precious cornerstone for us to build our life and our faith upon (Isaiah 28:16). If we have faulty foundations cracks in our lives will appear. We need to get our foundations right or we will always be trying to repair the cracks. How solid is the foundation upon which you are living your life?

Storms are not negotiable and no-one is exempt from them (John 16:33). Storms have the potential to bring our house down. In the event of a storm our foundations are crucial. Are you resting securely on Christ the solid Rock? A victorious life has to have it’s foundation on the immovable Rock of Christ.