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Trusting in God, dealing with doubt and speaking like our heavenly Father

Trusting in God, dealing with doubt and speaking like our heavenly Father

Bitrus Amos

Trusting in God and His word (Proverbs 3:5) – what does trust mean? Faith is something we have, accepting and believing what God says about Himself. Trust is something we do, it is faith in action, it is how we respond to our faith. Trust is the practical consequence of faith. Proverbs 3:5 – it is God we should trust, not ourselves or the world’s wisdom. Only God is truly trustworthy, He is faithful. We cannot trust in our own understanding.

Revayi Maburutse

Dealing with doubt (Matthew 11:1-6) – Doubt comes when we know or expect something and we do not see it fulfilled. Life happens and things are difficult. Doubt comes from an incomplete revelation. We often ask, “Are you there God?” When we doubt we need to go to Jesus. Take Jesus as your cover, He prevents will prevent you from breaking. Jesus is faithful, He will give us the answers when trouble comes. Jesus reminded John of what he already knew.

Frank Mietuayefa

Speaking like your heavenly Father (Psalm 37) – When we speak like our Father we are declaring what He says about us. In Exodus 2:14 God spoke about Himself as He is. We live in a polluted world that does not allow us to speak the right things about ourselves. We need to speak well of ourselves. Psalm 139:14 – speaking right about ourselves is not about pride, it is about acknowledging what God says about us. We need to know who we are in Christ – “I know it full well”. Psalm 118:4; 23:6 – we need to declare these things every morning and every day.