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The tender heart of the Father

The tender heart of the Father

Hosea 11:1-11

Have you ever mistaken someone’s identity? Theo began by showing a video about mistaken identity, which can be seen here.

Who is God to us? Who do we think He is? What do we think He is like? What do we think He thinks of us? Do we have unhelpful filters on when we think of God? Do we have unhelpful and distorted images of what God is like?

Unhelpful filters of God include:

  1. God is Distant and unfeeling – Sometimes we can feel as if God is distant when we experience unanswered prayers or go through difficult times and feel that He has abandoned us or is not there for us. Sometimes we ask, “Where are you Lord?” God is not distant or unfeeling. His silence is not the same as His absence. In verses 1, 3 and 4 we see that He is a tender Father. In Hosea 2:14 we see that sometimes God takes us into the wilderness in order to speak tenderly to us.
  2. God is Restrictive of my Freedom – Sometimes we think freedom is not freedom if we cannot go our own way. We think freedom is an absence of rules. The world says, “You do you”. Hosea 11:2 says that Israel had gone their own way and gone away from God. Do we ignore God and leave Him behind as He helps us out of situations? A lack of rules leads to sin. Sin leads us back into slavery. God is a liberator and true freedom is not found in doing what we want, but in serving Him.
  3. God is Fed Up and Has Reached His Limit – God does not give up on us. When He sees our sin His heart is changed and His compassion is aroused. He does not give up on us.

We need to take off the unhelpful filters and see God for who He is. He wants us to know Him and find our home in Him.