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Wisdom from God

Wisdom from God

James 1:2-5

What does it mean to have wisdom from God?

There are two subjects here – trials and wisdom. We all face things we do not understand. Why do trials come? Why do they last so long? Why do they go away? Should Christians face trials? We need wisdom to understand these things. Trials and wisdom go together. How we respond will determine how the trial affects us.

In James 3:13-18 we see that there are two types of wisdom – human wisdom and the wisdom that comes from God. Wisdom from God helps us respond in an appropriate way to our trials.

Paul spoke of being blessed by two women with their wisdom this week:

  1. The first was Chichi (from RCC) who posted a video on Facebook of herself dancing and praising God whilst she waited on hold to speak to a Customer Service helpline.
  2. The second was Jane Marczewski (known as Nighbirde), who is a 30 year woman from Zanesville, Ohio who is a cancer sufferer and has been told she has a 2% chance of survival. Jane sang a song called “It’s OK” on America’s Got Talent (see her audition here). Jane said, “It’s important to know that I am so much more than the bad things that happen to me” and “You can’t wait until life isn’t hard any more before you decide to be happy”. In her blog called “God is on the Bathroom Floor” (see here). At the end of the blog Jane says, “If you can’t see Him, look lower”!

God will give us wisdom to respond appropriately. When we face trials we have to use God’s wisdom. When we use His wisdom amazing things happen.