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The sin of Achan

The sin of Achan

Joshua 1:5-9 – Moses has died and Joshua is about to take over leadership of the Israelites. There are conditions with God. God tells Joshua to be strong and courage and to obey the law and promises that Joshua would prosperous and successful. Courageouss = brave, determined in the face of potential danger and pain. Three times God says be strong and courageous. Once we need to listen. Twice is a slap in the face. Three times moves it up another level.

Joshua 3:5 – The people had to get themselves right before God before crossing the Jordon.

Joshua 5:13-15 – Joshua was prepared to stand up to the man with the sword, but he fell face down and acknowledged that he was just a servant of God. Where God is it is holy. God was clear on what the Israelites had to do at Jericho. He gave clear instructions. They had to do as they were told and God would do the rest. Joshua had previously been told to obey all that God had told him to do (Joshua 1:7).

Joshua 6:17 – everything had to be sacrificed to God. It was a kind of first fruits offering. Only Rahab and her household was to be spared. Very clear instructions were given. Everything of value was to go into the Lord’s treasury. God is holy and He detests sin. After Jericho they moved on to Ai and they were routed by a smaller army. God is a holy God and there cannot be sin in His presence.

Joshua 7:6-12 – Joshua whinged to God as if it was God’s fault. Sometimes we need to look at what has gone wrong and sort it out. God told Joshua that Isral had sinned and told him to sort it out. Sin cannot be hidden from God. God threatens to leave Joshua if he does not sort out the sin in the camp. God is the same God today. Sin is still offensive to God. Sin needs to be dealt with and got rid of immediately. Sin crouches at our door, but we must master it our lives (Genesis 4:7).