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Run To God And Live

Recently I was listened to my Pastor preaching on the story of the prodigal son, a young man who returned home to his father after hitting rock bottom. When the father saw him a long way off, he began running toward his son with his arms outstretched. The father in the story gives us an allegory into how God is always ready to receive us with outstretched arms, even when we hit rock bottom.

God promises that He will draw close to you when you draw closer to Him. How do you draw close to Him? By making time to pray, reading the Bible, and worshipping Him every day. By meditating on His promises, and by attending a good, Bible-based church.

Today, put God first place in everything that you do. The easiest way is to simply call on His name. The good news is that when you take that first step toward Him, He will come running toward you! He is waiting for you right now! Run to God and live!

“When you draw close to God, God will draw close to you…”

(James 4:8, TLB)

Pray With Me
Father , I thank You for drawing close to me even when my life is heading in the wrong direction. As I take a step toward You, give me the strength to serve You and always put You first. God, thank You for accepting me and showing me unconditional love, in Jesus Christ’s Name! Amen.