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The Gospel of Luke – Jesus is for everyone – Are you controlled by fears and anxieties?

The Gospel of Luke: Jesus is for everyone – Are you controlled by fears and anxieties?

Luke 13:1-5, 31-33

Many people are controlled, dominated and paralysed by fears and anxieties. Christians are not exempt for fears and anxieties. How should we respond to fears and anxieties?

In Luke 13 Jesus gives three news items that would have shocked and produced fear in His audience, but He said:

  1. Don’t fear tragedy (vs 1-3) – Jesus was on His way to Jerusalem. His disciples were determined to prevent Him. They told Jesus about the desecration of the temple. Jesus and His disciples were Galileans and the same tragedy could happen to them. Jesus was not affected by fear and anxiety. He knew His life was in the hands of Almighty God and no-one could do anything against Him or His disciples without the permission and will of God (Psalm 91). We need to repent of fear and anxieties and switch our minds to putting our trust into God’s hands.
  2. Don’t fear tragic accidents (vs 4-5) – Accidents happen, but we should not live in fear of them. Our lives are secure in God until He has fulfilled His purposes for us. Fear and anxiety are usually irrational. Putting our faith in God is far more rational. Our li essence are hid in God – He is the strong tower that we can run in to.
  3. Don’t fear danger or death (vs 31-33) – Do not allow fear or anxiety to stop you fulfilling God’s calling and purpose for you. Jesus went to Jerusalem because He knew that His suffering and death were not in Herod’s hands. Jesus went to Jerusalem to fulfil God’s will for Him.

Faith is often spelled R-I-S-K. If we are controlled by fears and anxieties then we will be faith averse.