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The widow, the boy and the crowd

The widow, the boy and the crowd

Luke 7:11-17

How many times have we tried to perform transformations for ourselves in our lives? God wants to bring about a life transformation in our lives.

Three people in this story experienced transformation:

  1. The widow had lost everything. In losing her son she had lost her income. She was fearful for her future. Jesus saw her and His heart went out to her. The heart in Hebrew is the core of who you are. He felt her pain, grief and sorrow. Do you feel like the widow today? We all carry with us the pain of the past and uncertainty of the future. Maybe your saying, “God, where are you?” Jesus endured our pain and He feels our anxiety about the future. He shoulders these things with us. We are never alone. Jesus sees us and His heart goes out to us.
  2. The boy was raised from the dead. This story is a trailer for the story of what would happen to Jesus. Death and  resurrection to new life is at the heart of being a Christian. It’s not about more will power over sin or doing a little more, it is about dying completely to sin (Romans 6). We need to die to the scars of things that have been done to us. We are never too far gone from the resurrection power of Jesus. Jesus can bring new shoots out of what seems impossible to us. Do you know the resurrection power of Jesus in your life today?
  3. The crowd were all filled with awe as they witnessed what Jesus had done. Resurrection is not normal. The people were shocked, fearful of who Kesus was. They knew only God amongst them could do what Jesus had done.
    1. Are you sceptical of the resurrection power of Jesus? We need to ask God to show us His resurrection power today.
    2. Have you forgotten what the awe of God feels like? God wants to bring new shoots and remind you of His power.
    3. We need to be filled with awe and praise. We need to share the resurrection power of Jesus with others.