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Speaking In Numbers

Many ask how does God speak? He speaks directly, He speaks through His Word, He speaks through dreams and visions, and He also speaks through others. Are you facing an important decision today? God wants to give you the answer. He wants to direct your steps. Many times, He will speak to us through the people He has placed in our lives. That’s why the Bible says that safety is found in a multitude of advisers.

Remember, God designed us to live in families, communities and congregations. We need to be open to receiving input from the people who are close to us. That doesn’t mean you have to follow everything everyone tells you. But if you’re in a particular situation or relationship, and all the people around you are giving you the same word of caution, it may be God trying to get a message to you. Take that advice and bring it before the Lord in prayer, and make sure the advice doesn’t contradict His Word. Ask Him to confirm His perfect plan to your heart. Remember, wisdom comes from God, and wise counsel will always be in agreement with God’s Word. He will always confirm the answer when you ask Him.

Today, whatever you are facing, be open to receiving wise counsel. As you do, you will be blessed and protected, and walk in confidence down the path the Lord has prepared for you!

“Where there is no guidance the people fall, but in abundance of counsellors there is victory.” (Proverbs 11:14, NASB)

Pray With Me

Father , thank You for the spiritual people You have placed in my life as wise counsel. Father, please confirm and give me answers to the issues in my life. Help me understand Your truth, so that I can make godly choices. Keep me close to You always so I will clearly know when You are speaking, and lead me in Your way, in Jesus’ name! Amen.