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Peter Morris

Peter Morris was appointed Associate Pastor in our service on 4th September 2022

Born to a family of “Born Again” Bible believing parents.
Married for 46 years.
Sadly at the age of 16 became one of the Prodigals that turned from the God of my Father’s and pursued the attractions of this world.
I am indebted to Praying parents and a Praying church who persistently prayed for this prodigal to come home.
The Lord Jesus answered prayer at the age of 20 years.

I was employed at a Rotherham Engineering Company of about 1500 people and having completed my Apprenticeship continued on the factory floor for several more years.
I was then given Management training and eventually became Human Resources Manager which led to Executive Management answerable to the Group Managing Director himself.

The Call of God to Full time ministry was upon my life for many years, even though I was still in management, and I knew the Day would dawn when God would require my obedience to that call.
My first church was the Pentecostal Church in Chapletown, Sheffield – even though I was still in full time employment – duration 9 years.
Then I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to take up full time Ministry as Pastor of Wath Pentecostal Church, later to be known as Fathers House. Pam and I served there for 35 years. During this time of Ministry, I was appointed as a Chaplain in H M. Prisons, working on staff, every Friday for 26 years.

Our ministry also included working in the country of Honduras, where working amongst the Shanties of Bonittio, La Ceiba, we built an orphanage in a very dangerous part of the world. Gun shots and murders were a part of life there. It was a thrill to work with the Pastor and Church in that neighbourhood. Fathers House released us to go 3 times most years over a 12-year period.

As parents we give thanks to our Lord that He saved our only son Nathan and continues to send him around the World preaching in large stadiums and seeing many souls saved and awesome miracles on each crusade.
God has been so Faithful and His promises so true!

Lord Jesus, thank you for the Privilege of knowing and serving you!
Truly a Life of Adventure!