A church for all nations

Chris Firth

I was born in the area of Keighley and lived in a small village called Addingham until I moved to Barnsley at the age of seven with my family.

I was not brought up as a Christian and the majority of my main family are still not so, but at the age of 12 I had a real urge to seek God and find out who Jesus was, especially after the Gideon’s gave every child at my school a small bible to take home.

I started to feel the call of God on my life to follow him quite strongly. Over the next few years my attention was distracted elsewhere but at the age of 18, four days after my birthday I became a follower of Jesus.

It was not easy making that decision at that age and not having any family to support or guide me was difficult but God, by his Spirit and Word kept me and guided me to the right people and fellowships to get me to the place I am in him today.

I started work at my local hospital and have had various jobs including starting my own business which I sold after 7 years. I currently work at a large funeral directors in Barnsley.

I have been married to Tina for 20 years and between us we have 5 children and at the present time 7 Grandchildren.

In my 35 years of following the Lord I have mainly attended Pentecostal and assemblies of God Churches but also Independent evangelical fellowships when we lived in Dorset for 8 years.

I am a strong believer in serving where you can or are able to in the life of the local Church. Some of the areas I have served at my previous fellowship were, media desk and visuals, general D I Y, house group leader, Trustee/leader and speaker.

I thank God for the honour of knowing him and being able to serve him and his people.

The Father and his Son, Jesus Christ, be praised.