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Burning hearts for Jesus

Burning hearts for Jesus

Luke 24:13-35

Every second, every moment, we are hurtling towards the end point of history. The end point is the day when every knee will bow and every tongue will confess Jesus as Lord. Will you be able to echo the call around you of “I know Him”? There is a difference between knowing about Him and believing the right things and actually knowing Him. How are you walking through life? Are you walking with Jesus?

Are you in danger of being mislead? The walk is not about getting to the destination, it’s about a journey of wonder and discovery. Don’t miss the opportunity of connection with God as you travel towards the end point.

Jesus wants our devotion more than our duty. As the two men walked on the road to Emmaus they were broken and dismayed. Jesus drew alongside them and listened to them. Something happened inside them that they could not explain until He broke bread with them. Is your heart burning within you on your walk with Jesus? Are you excited about walking with Jesus? No human being can make your heart burn within you. Only Jesus can do that. Don’t miss the walk as you head towards the end point. Jesus is not a bridge to get somewhere; to get to heaven. He is the way. Don’t miss the open arms of Jesus.

It is so much easier for God to use us when we are already moving. Be ready to be directed by God as you step out and pray for the streets you are walking and praying for.

We can say, “I like to pray, is there something I can pray about for you?” Our role is not to answer the prayers of others; our role is to pray, it’s God’s role to answer.

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