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The midnight cry

The midnight cry

Matthew 25:1-13 (NKJV)

We do not know when Jesus will return, but He will return and we need to be ready for it.

The context of Scripture is vitally important. Matthew 25 is a continuation of chapter 24. In this parable Jesus is answering the question in Matthew 24:3. Parables give both sight and insight to the hearer. Parables are windows through which we see God, but they are also a mirror that shows us ourselves in relation to what God is saying to us.

There are several elements in this parable:

  1. The kingdom of heaven – In this parable this refers to the church. The church on earth is the kingdom of heaven. We belong to the kingdom of heaven. This kingdom of heaven is awaiting the coming of the kingdom of God.
  2. The 10 virgins – They were all virgins and not harlots, but Jesus describes 5 of them as fools. The custom was that the bridal party had a group of virgins. There were similarities between the 5 wise and 5 foolish. They were all serving and in the kingdom. They were all doing the sane things. You couldn’t tell the difference between the two groups. They were both waiting for the bridegroom. Both groups slept. Both groups trimmed their lamps. But when the midnight cry came but the foolish virgins had no oil.
  3. The oil – What is the oil signified here? It is not good works. The oil is Jesus’ Spirit, the Holy Spirit. He is the seal of our inheritance. The difference between the virgins is the absence or the presence of the Holy Spirit. The oil was made at Gethsemony. The oil cannot be brought with rich. It is brought with a repentant heart.
  4. The bridegroom is delayed – God does not want any to perish. Scripture repeatedly tells us to watch for the return of Jesus. His delay is to serve a purpose. His delay is to give us a chance to repent.
  5. The midnight cry – Midnight here refers to the bridegroom meeting the virgin who professes they are a Christian. Have you been awoken by the midnight cry? When you hear it you will not have time to build your store if oil.
  6. The door is shut – This is the door of mercy. It was shut so that the celebrations in the presence if God in heaven could begin. There is no second chance after the door is shut. There will be a time when Jesus will say “I did not know you”.

This parable speaks to 3 groups of people:

  1. The sinners – We were created to have a relationship with God, but as sinners we have prostituted ourselves to sin. If we persist in our rebellion then God is against us and hell awaits us. There is hope if we repent and have faith in Jesus. He lives to make intercession for us.
  2. The foolish virgins – Be reconciled unto God. Do not be whitewashed tombs. Do not sin against the Holy Spirit by denying and rejecting God’s salvation.
  3. The wise virgins – God has made us alive in Christ. Are you prepared for the midnight cry? Are you adding to your faith in and love for God (2 Peter 1:5-8)?