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The pre-eminence of Christ

The pre-eminence of Christ

Colossians 1:15-22 (NLT)

Paul was writing to correct a heresy in the Colossian Church. Gnosticism was creeping into the church (Colossians 2). Their understanding of who Jesus is was being diluted. The best approach against error is to preach the truth. Sometimes we need to take a fresh look at who Jesus really is. Jesus is not one among many, He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. He is the one and only.

  1. Jesus is pre-eminent in His person – Jesus is the image of the invisible God. When we see Jesus we see God. If we want to see what God is like we need to look at Jesus. Jesus reveals God and makes Him visible. Firstborn means superiority, the head over everything.
  2. Jesus is pre-eminent in His power – Jesus created all things. Evolution makes us unaccountable. Paul is clarifying that Jesus is equal to God the Father and uniquely God in His own right. Jesus created everything out of nothing. We are called to believe in creation as described in Genesis. Jesus spoke of Genesis as literal history. We are called to let the Bible shape our belief.
  3. Jesus is pre-eminent in His position – Jesus is the head of the church and the hope of the church. The church is ruled by Jesus, it is His church. There are no significant others alongside Jesus. Jesus gives the church direction and spiritual dynamic. We always need to give Jesus priority. We need to maintain our link with Jesus, the head, in prayer. Jesus is the hope of the church. The resurrection is the reason the church exists and is our hope in the future. Because He lives we can face tomorrow.
  4. Jesus is pre-eminent in His plan – Jesus is reconciling all things to Himself. Jesus is fully God, but He is fully human too. Jesus did not inherit Adam’s sin. He was fully human, but sinless. Jesus sinless death in our place reconciles us to God. There is no-one else good enough to bring reconciliation. 1 John 4:14. God had planned from the beginning for Jesus to die, it is a thread that runs throughout the Old Testament.

Why would you settle for anyone less than Jesus?