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The Gospel of Luke: Jesus is for everyone – Jesus is alive

The Gospel of Luke: Jesus is for everyone – Jesus is alive

Luke 24:36-49

There is nothing normal about this story. We would not do what Jesus did after His resurrection. We would probably take revenge on those who had persecuted us and put us to death. We would expect Him to be power exploding everywhere. Jesus didn’t do this. Jesus acted in forgiveness and love. He was mistaken for a gardener speaking gently to Mary. He gently strolled down the road with two of his disciples who had given up. He ate fish with His disciples. He cooked breakfast by the lake and recommissioned Peter. What Jesus did after the resurrection is all about power expressed in love and gentleness.

When we mess up and are full of fear and doubts Jesus does not treat us with vengeance and wrath. He chooses to love us. He restores us gently. This Easter Jesus invites us to come to Him and experience His amazing grace and mercy.

The disciples were hidden away in fear of their lives. They had given up everything to follow Jesus. It wasn’t supposed to end like this. They knew they had let Jesus down, but Jesus Himself came and appeared amongst them. He came to them where they were and showed them they could come to you in all there trauma, doubts and dispares. He came and offered them peace. Jesus does not condemn our sin, He offers us a peace treaty with God. God has declared peace between us and Himself.

“Touch me and see” – The disciples thought Jesus was a ghost. They still needed to know and understand that Jesus had really risen. Jesus says hear that it is OK to have doubts. They needed to reach out and touch Him. As they did this they were transformed and full of faith. Jesus invites us to Touch Him and experience the risen Lord in our lives. He wants to transform us as He transformed the disciples.